Children and Youth

Children and youth are a key part of the church.  The child dancing in the aisles during worship will inspire us.  We teach the Biblical Story during Sunday School, which occurs during the worship hour.  Confirmation classes are a time for Jr. High age to learn and make a committment to joining the church.

Music Ministry

Those who sing pray twice is a saying but so true. Our organist is Susan Clarke and our choir is led by Jason Levenhagen.  Together they help in setting the mood for worship.  We try to blend traditional and contemporary music.  Organ, baby grand piano, guitar, and drums can be heard at different times.  A variety of music styles are appreciated.

Hospitality Ministry

Where 2 or more are gathered God is present -- and in the life of the church there is usually food.  All are welcome and it is great to sit down together and talk over a cup of coffee and food.  Our church is a setting for many community events.  We want you to feel welcome and safe.

Food Pantry

The United Church of Christ Food Pantry is open the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month from 6 to 6:30 PM.  Donations appreciated both food and cash.  We also provide the backpack program to the local school  helping children who do not have enough food at home.  In addition we organized reading tutors in the school to help chldren learn to read so they will be less likely to be at risk.


Each year we partner with the local churches to provide quality Vacation Bible School for a week ending with a program for the families to attend.  This year we will host this community wide VBS in July.  Watch for more details.  Early registrations appreciated but you can register the same day as well.  Vibrant, catchy music, games and Bible stories are key to telling the story of God's love.


We have a tradition in worship of blessing things.  Sometimes we pray for places where there has been a disaster.  Sometimes we pray for the leaders of our church.  Sometimes we pray for our children.  When a member lost her home to fire, the next Sunday we not only prayed for her, but the members reached their arms up in the air and they blessed her.  And she felt the warmth of the community.  We have been blessed so we want to pray for and share God's blessings as we bless one another.